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How do you want KP to bat in The Asses

by bored cricket crazy indians

There was a time, KP muttered, “at the end of the day” like MSD mutters his "of course". That was when he was captain. Now he’s blindfolded, and in this cool but pointless video. There’s a series of videos coming up – KP on one leg, KP on his head, KP in a tub, KP in drag, KPLD, KP in SAFA gear, KP breaking his ribs.

Deal with KP is, he can pull it off. May be not in SAFA gear, but pretty much everything else. So if you’re English, or South African with an English mommy, send in your mails to how do you want KP to bat? 158. Damn right you are.

(video from Bored Member Som's blog, Doosra)

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