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Kaif back in the reckoning

by KhufiaBaaz

After a string of low scores, the latest being a no-score, the selectors are on the verge of picking Mohammad Kaif. One selector offered in way of explanation, “I believe the worst is over for Kaif…he has had a string of low scores no doubt…but after rain there must be sunshine…we expect Kaifu to come good very soon…you cannot hide class”. I however believe Kaif's selection is the perfect ploy to justify picking Yuvraj Singh. And just as I was coming to terms with this belief, the selector’s guilty conscience added, “Look at Yuvi, you cannot hide class…he will be back to his best…also we believe Kaifu to be the perfect partner for Yuvi while chasing 300+ targets in the sub-continent…”. Yeah sure, like 325 at Lord's.

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