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Bored Cricket Crazy Indians and Sachin Fans are Invading the World

by Mahek

Not like I had to point it out to you guys. They're bloody everywhere and they show their craziness in the craziest of ways. I thought I saw some really BCC!s at the Motera today. There were the usual suspects - Dharamvir who travels to all of India's home matches and helps the players in their fielding and batting drills, that crazy dude who paints himself in Indian colours at every game. There were even a few Kiwis going "Ganpati Bappa Moriya", another sign of the conversion programme we have secretly launched.

But I met the craziest Bored Cricket Crazy Indian after the day's play. Seeing I look like a hobo I decided to get myself a haircut. So I went straight to the "hajaam ki dukaan". The barber there was especially chatty and suggested I even get a facial (Yeah! Like that's gonna happen. While you're at it, why don't you suggest I get a mani-pedi too?). I told him I had come straight from the stadium and we got talking about the day's play. I filled him in on the exploits of Jatman and RDX. While he was disappointed about Jatman getting out, he was also looking forward to Sachin getting a hundred tomorrow. To my surprise, he went on to say that if he got his hundred it would be his fiftieth and that he can cut out the number 50 on my head for tomorrow!

You have to be really nuts to know stats like these, but you have to be crazier to make the kind of suggestion he made. Do you think I should take him up on his offer if indeed Sachin gets his hundred tomorrow? All those in favour of it gimme a HELL YEAH/Thank You Sachin!!!!


Keshto said...

HELL YEAH! Thank you Sachin!

and please post pics

Gaurav Sethi said...

HELL NO! Go for the 100 haircut

raj said...

HELL YEAH! And post the pictures here

crownish said...

HELL YEAH! and what raj said

Gireesh Subramaniam said...

Thank you Sachin,of Course.

Do a 50 design,but make sure you head does not seem like NC's after the cut. ;)