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Out of South Africa

by KhufiaBaaz

Graeme Smith, the South African captain, created a social networking furor by declaring SA’s innings at 584/9 during the 2nd test versus Pakistan at Abu Dhabi. Many passionate cricket fans, as well as South African fans, bombarded Smith on his twitter page. Apparently, the fans were angered by the fact that Morne Morkel was prevented by Smith from reaching his personal best of 40, and was stranded on 35 N.O. in the company of some ABCD Ve guy on 278.

When the media pounded Smith about this decision, Smith with his usual pugnacious attitude, responded, “Listen. I didn’t want Morne to better his personal record of 40. We would lose a genuine number 11 batsman and our selectors – you know how they are – they might get Gibbs back in to play at #11.” When pushed further, Smith revealed, “I didn’t want to upset the delicate clique balance we have in our team. And also, Morne might want a move up the order. As valid as that request may be, considering the kind of form Alviro and Ashwell have been in recently, I was keeping an eye on the upcoming series against India. You know Dhoni is going to spread the field as soon as Morne steps in to bat. This will give us an opportunity to score all the runs we want.”


Golandaaz said...

Very very good. Enjoyed it

Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog said...

If Morne moves up the order, it could mean another player missing out under the quota system.

Then the next time England tour SA, he might knock on the Sky commentary box door and ask Nasser Hussain how to go about playing for England.

We can't have anything like that happening.

anu said...

Nice Article very useful for me.Thank you

The Cricket Couch said...

Thanks folks. Enjoyed writing it.