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Player Profile: Ricky Ponting

by Gaurav Sethi

comic punter
Ponting struck a deal with the devil who made him the world’s best batsman, but in exchange sucked him of every ounce of happiness. Before he knew it, instead of captaining a team, he was running a kennel. This he liked at first, particularly the barking. It worked with umpires, as against most teams. But when the top dogs stopped playing ball, he was left with himself and some choices. He then ran into India. Somehow he was no longer the best batsman, so he called on the devil again, reminding him of their deal. The devil laughed at him. He then ran into England. He then ran into India again. He then ran into England again. On the eve of the 2010-11 Ashes, Ponting returned to the devil: he begged him for an ounce of happiness. Which is when the devil asked him to go watch his post match interviews. To which Ponting said, “what about on the cricket field?” To which the devil said, “play cricket on the cricket field, and the joy will return…” To which Ponting said, “who the devil are you, Anil Kumble?”
real ricky

(Ponting is two-faced, so there are two Ponting Profile Pictures - one comic, the other more realistic. The irony being, Comic Ponting doesn't have a grip on reality, whereas Realistic Ponting can't get a handle on the comic. )


Govind Raj said...

Wow !

raj said...

This is the best profile ever in BCCI, NC! Take a bow!

Content, economy of expression, flow - top notch!

Really enjoyed it

Gaurav Sethi said...

Cheers guys, er Rajs