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Who needs Hussey and Katich

by Gaurav Sethi

Both Hussey and Katich are playing in their 55th test. They’re both left-handed batsmen. They’re both very quiet too. I’ve seen a few Hussey interviews, volume on, but as Floyd says, “your lips move, but I can’t hear what you’re saying”. Katich, I’m convinced, doesn’t give interviews. I have never heard his lips move. If they do, they move sideways.

It’s wonderful that Cricket Australia has stuck with such strong silent types, they add backbone to the side. Through the many crisis that Ponting has captained them, these two have been an inspiration. Post match, game lost, to either India or England, abuse and socks being hurled, and these two, arms folded, looking blankly into the mid-distance.

And that’s when Ponting stops pulling at his freshly planted hair and says, “Look at Huss…will you take a look at him”. Which is when, pokerfaced Katich, sitting alongside Hussey, slides his head ever so slightly, in Hussey’s direction and looks at him.

And Ponting continues, “and will you take a look at Kat..”. And Hussey nods, without looking at Kat.

And then Clarke jumps up, nodding, smiling, wagging his finger, standing alongside his captain. And Haddin, as always, jumps in front. And Watson barges in with his misplaced bonhomie. And Johnson sings on in the corner, “When i was little bitty baby my Mama would lock me in the closet…

And that’s why Australia need Huss and Kat. Though of course they would prefer to be referred to as Mr. Simon Mathew Katich and Mr. Michael Edward Killeen Hussey. Australian for bear.

(Oh look, Hussey + Katich chat each other up here)
Thanks to Wes of Play for country not for  self for the video.


Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

There is actually a video on the CA homepage in which Katich and Hussey interview each other *g*

Gaurav Sethi said...

wadaya expect, they don't speak to anybody else.

Can't find, link pls

Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

Kat Huss video
Friend of mine said they look like brothers.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Thanks for the link Wes