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Player Profile: Stuart Broad

by Gaurav Sethi

There was a saying in the Broad household when a boy child was born, “Spare the Broad, and spoil the child”. And instead of the spank on the bottom, doctors were instructed to pat the little Broad’s butt. The Broad family tree reveals the name Petticoat used by one branch, whereas another twig that journeyed India in the late 1800s, went by the title of Memsahib. However, Broad was, and has been, the most acceptable name.

Spoiling reached a new low when Chris Broad turned match-referee to indulge his son, Stuart, who turned super brat to indulge himself. Momentarily, Stuart brat was sixed to his senses by Yuvi Brat.

The comedown was short lived, as Flintoff vanished, and Stuart Broad attained superbrat-superstar status in the English camp. His Ashes’ analysis had something to do with it. Clearly Stuart little was becoming much too big again.

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