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Thank You Sachin!

by Gaurav Sethi

Sachin, oh Sachin,

You always think of us, whether we’re having a good time watching the cricket, or an even better time, not watching the cricket. Today, you did something very special – you made sure we don’t watch the cricket.

This would not have been possible if you were playing for that 50th test hundred. Instead, you played for a forty. What does this say about you – You let us get back to our Diwali lives. How could I have hugged my folks if I was still watching you play? How could I have replied to Happy Diwali SMSes if I was hanging on to your every run? How could I have eaten that barfi? How could I have? How could I have answered that phone call, call of nature doorbell? How? How could I have taken my eyes of you, your fiftieth, no, not even a 39th Diwali could come in my way.

I speak for all Bored Cricket Crazy Indians. Thank You Sachin! Thanks for putting Diwali before your fiftieth test hundred. Tussi great ho!

In the scorecard it should read Sachin caught Happy bowled Diwali. Sounds crazy, hey, it’s Diwali, yaar! Happy to you, you Bored Cricket Crazy Indians, Happy to you Sachin. Happy!


Ganesh said...

He looked boring even while batting for his 40!:(

Freehit said...

Had he scored a ton,people would have said thanks for lighting up the Diwali.

People are just too biased about Tendulkar.