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Australia beat weather, lose Adelaide.

by KhufiaBaaz

Even before the weather could intervene, Australia made quick work of the 2nd test, losing their last 6 wickets in the first session itself. “We didn’t want to be dependent on the weather – it’s terrible when you’re constantly reminded that the weather saved you..also now the Poms don’t have the gloating rights, they won a test but we can live with that” said Ponting.

In another instance, Cricket Australia has come down heavily on their players. By losing well within the first 90 minutes, that is way before 7 AM Indian Standard Time, there was a massive loss of Indian viewership. It is still not certain, but the players could lose up to 70-90% of their match fees. North and Doherty could even face a one-to-two match suspension. Expect the official reason to be CA’s rotational policy, injury or something as lame as loss of form.

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