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Our first cricket conversation.

by Gaurav Sethi

Trilok, the barber, revealed himself when asked if he experienced the tremors at night. “Haan tub hi to Nehra ne chauka mara tha” (It was then that Nehra hit a four).

Yes my man, yes. That is the correct answer. Nehra’s timing of the four has been my conversation opener with everyone today.

So Trilok was watching way into the night.

“Areh wah, cricket dekhte ho” (Wow, you watch cricket)

“Areh mai sub match dekhta hoon, Pakistan New Zealand, koi bhi khel raha ho…cricket toh cricket hai (I watch all games, any games, Pakistan New Zealand also, cricket is cricket after all)

Trilok did not mention any players, that I liked, he wasn’t in awe of anyone. I did mention Bhajji’s six, Yusuf, taking the ball on the body; by now he was primed, and balancing on two very mobile wash basins – he beamed, as he swung, feet almost off the ground – at the mention of the drawn Pak-Kiwi test, he nearly upset the washbasin balance.

He somewhat apologetically said he wasn’t able to watch the last day’s play. A mention of the World Cup and he rocked the wash basin again.

Long after I left the swinging Trilok behind, I continue to think, how a random cricket conversation can make my day. More so when it’s least expected.

Like Sonia who  confessed to be a lapsed cricket nut who would watch reruns, highlights, even live games, good girl. She’s a classical singer, and I asked her to sing some of the cricket songs on bored. As I write, she’s tuning her harmonium for The Bored Anthem.

And Puja, who like Sonia, appeared very non-cricket, but had watched Kumble pocket ten at the Kotla. What is it with Kumble and closet cricket junkies?

And Sunny, who appeared to be in cricket denial or cricket detox, till he watched that T20 game vs. Pak (no, not the final, the bowl out). And how, he even went on to write here on Bored, long, winding, landscapes of cricket pieces, stream of consciousness into an ocean of cricket.

And Tito and Mar, who I met on the T20 finals, and remember that day as our anniversary. And know little of cricket, except, they saw me win that day.

And Vandu who calls him Ramesh Raja and breaks into song, “Sachin, someone and Dhoni” to the tune of Amar Akbar and Anthony.

And that’s when I know, that everybody’s been blessed by cricket. And I’m like the bowler whose finger tips’ ricochet the ball on to the stumps.

1 comment:

Sunny Naradmuni said...

Kirkit se bhagna mushkil hi nahin , namumkin hai mere dost. Woh is zameen ke kan-kan main vyapi hai , just like that fellow Ram ! Maybe that is the solution to Babri masjid/Ram temple , maybe just make a cricket pitch there ! Its time someone started a Kirkit Bhakti andolan !