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Why was Piyush Chawla picked?

by Gaurav Sethi

The selectors are huddled together with their lists of 15 players that make the cut for the World Cup. A technician plugs the video conferencing equipment, and gives them the go ahead.

Meanwhile in South Africa, Kirsten and Dhoni sit with their list of 15 players. Piyush Chawla is doubling up as the technician as he sorts the video-con stuff, giving them the thumbs’ up.

Srikkanth: WhatDoYouCallit BOSSDhoniCanYouSeeUsClearly

MSD: Well ofcourse Piyush has made some very good arrangements

Srikkanth: BossWeHaveOur15KaList..

MSD: Of course and we have ours…I think the injured players pick themselves

Srikkanth: WhatDoYouCallIt SachinShewagGambir

MSD: Of course they will be there and there are other injured players that will be very fit by the world cup even fitter than the fit players now becoz they will not be playing or exerting themselves at all and getting of course all the time to work on their fitness..Praveen Kumar and Ashish Nehra

Srikkanth: BossTheyAreInOurListTooThatIs5PlayersWeHaveHandShakedOnBossGaryWhatDoYouCallIt

Kirsten: Sounds good

Srikkanth: I’m CON-FI-DENT ThatWhatDoYouCallIt RainaAndYusufWillBeCON-FI-DENT ChoicesToo

MSD (sounding a tad nervous now, looking around, wears his keeping gloves) : Of course

Srikkanth: BAJJIWillBeThereThatIsAndMunafTooBoss

MSD (even more nervous starts clapping with keeping gloves) Of course…are you forgetting someone

Srikkanth: YuvrajSinghViratKohliWhatDoYouCallItZaheerKhanBoss

MSD (Now very itchy, starts waving his gloves as if arranging a field) Well Of course, are you forgetting someone…

Srikkanth: WhatDoYouCallItVijayHasBeenSHITBossEvenICan’tGetHimInSorryBossButAshwinShouldPlay

MSD (Removing sweat from brow with his keeping gloves): Of course, I think we are missing someone…we have 13 players…and every team needs a…wic..

The transmission snaps…and MSD is left with his words hanging in the air

Piyush Chawla meanwhile gets busy, checks the wires and gets them going again…

Srikkanth: WhatDoYouCallItChawla??? BossWhatIsChawlaDoingThere…

MSD: Of course he is helping with the technical side of things and all and we have 13 players now….Sachin, Sehwag, Gautam, Yuvi, Kohli, Raina, Pathan, Bhajji, Zaks, Nehra, Munaf Patel, Praveen, Ashwin but are we missing something every side needs a wicketkeeper…

Srikkanth: BossWhatDoYouCallItShouldWePlayParthivPatelAsTheSecondWicketKeeperBoss…

MSD (much relieved, breaks into a smile, shows teeth): Well of course we can consider that once we have picked the first wicket keeper and that is why I have been saying for sometime that are we missing something and you know how it is Cheeka

Srikkanth(laughs) : BossSeedhaBolo…YesIThinkWeCanPickMahendraSinghDhoniAsWicketkeeperFirstChoice

MSD: Who will be the 15th player now..

Piyush Chawla is hanging around with a hopeful yet utterly hopeless face…he seems like a pathetic little mutt who hasn’t eaten in days…he looks into camera and all at once woos Cheeka

Srikkanth (overcome with emotion) MaiBhiBaapHoonIAmAlsoAFatherAnirudhaWillVouchForThatWithCON-FI-DENCEHahhaHaHaIHopeSoBossHahahaICannotSeePiyushChawlaLookSoSad...HeWillBeWhatDoYouCallIt....The15thPlayerBoss

Just then the door swings open and Rohit Sharma walks in sweating profusely after a net.

MSD (to Rohit): Well of are late by 10 seconds Rohit Sharma...


Unknown said...

Haha, main bhi baap hoon, that was awesome.

Anonymous said...

why is ashwin in 15?? He won't be playin with bhajji as 2 offies with pathan in side doesnt make sense..nd we all know dat bhajji may well be in a very bad form but will never get injured....