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Back To School for U(niversity)DRS

by Bhaskar Khaund

An annoyed ICC thought MSD had his understanding of the DRS rules miles off target and his mouth open something like 2.5 m too wide. So the good folks there have gone ahead and complicated them even further. The relevant rule is now something like this :

If the ball pitches 2.5 m or more in front of the stumps and the distance covered by the ball between pitching and hitting the pads is 40 cm and the sine of the angle between the two as a factor of the cosine within 3 standard deviations of the tangent times pi such that relative velocity is maintained with an alpha coefficient of 0.3 and a cosmic constant of 0.297 on the log scale ceteris paribus , then the decision will be based on a combination of extrapolated determinants drawn from the relevant probability distribution and chi-square analysis.

Any wonder then that the very young and even more talented Mhd. Aamer has decided to go back to school for a , er , spot of education ? A literary-minded old wag was moved to quip the following lines - in quite poor taste one must add :

"O' young rookie !
Thou goest , as it looks
From your bookies
To your books"

Good luck Aamer , be back on the cricket field soon. We need you in the school of international cricket.

From which it appears young K.Akmal could be close to dropping out.

1 comment:

secondary data collection help said...

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