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Kamran Akmal vs. India

by Gaurav Sethi

Be glad you are not Pakistani. Being Indian meant you could still laugh and hurl random abuse at Akmal today. First he saw off an edge like his little girl to school – it bisected Younis, the other parent and Akmal, as they nodded their parental approvals to each other. If they were cast in Darth Vader gear their immobility could be excused, but keeper, first slip, in their country’s greens, what was that about, say it in the finest Anglo-Punjabi bemused Waqar Younis accent.

Then, Rose aka Ross Taylor edged another one in the same over, easy come, easy go, little high, little low, in and out of Akmal’s gloves, how does he do it? How does he cling on to the gloves?

When the runaway keeper Zul Haider made the team, it was obvious he was only marking time. Haider disappeared with his fb updates, got banned, a third Akmal appeared, 3 more guys got banned, and we’re now back to the first Akmal.

It was meant to be. Now let’s assume Akmal is innocent, and just an ass with the gloves. Does that earn him a spot in the team – for long, the cricketing argument has been his batting - 5 ODI 100s, 9 50s, average 27, strike rate 84. He’s already played 9 years, 133 ODI’s with the same ineptness, how does he do it?

By the sound of it, Akmal will continue to play in this World Cup, and at some point there should be an India-Pak game. Don't you just know, man. I reckon Akmal will play that game – 4 out of his 6 test hundreds are against us, remember Karachi? That innings had teeth.

My gut says, Kamran Akaml will decide that India game. Remains to be seen, who he plays for that day.


tracerbullet007 said...

"How does he cling on to the gloves?"
So true :)

Q said...

I seriously hope he never plays again! Nuff is nuff man NC... dont want him against Zim, let alone India.

Time for Umar to become full time keeper...

Live cricket streaming said...

If they stick with him, Pak may well be out of the tournament before the QFs, so no Ind vs Pak game.