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“The slower one got the slower one.”

by bored cricket crazy indians

That was the Dravid dismissal @BoredCricket on twitter.

It was 6.45 pm, 9th April, and Rahul was batting for the Royals for the first time. Looking at him bat, you’d think he was batting for the first time. 28(35) looks a lot better than the run fast Dravid put us through. It took Steyn’s slower one to knock him over. The irony was not lost on Dravid.

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Forget Watson's 185, even Ponting got 37. #BadBangladesh

Because you were not watching, it is our responsibility 2 inform you, Bangladesh just lost its 6th wicket.

KKR take on themselves later today.

Happy Bored Day Ian Bell. Ghanta.

The most eagerly awaited IPL game - Delhi Daredevils vs Kings XI Punjab.

Has everyone following the IPL on twitter added a blond babe 2 their dp

If India could, they'd call Ishant mid way thru this spell

Do the KKR fans have an extra baggage allowance for ipl4
Kallis 50, what will he play for now

One day, MSD will make Morkel play for India #Ripleys

How Styris is still playing, only Scott knows.

According to SMG, MSD's bottom has a hand #StrongBottomHand #IPL

MSD in early, chasing 274 again #ipl

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