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Dear Aamir Khan, somewhere between Bose DK and DK Bose came BossDK!

by bored cricket crazy indians

According to 4th July’s Mail Today –

"In the contention of Thukral and Tagra, which is how the artist duo is known in the art world, that they had not only held exhibitions titled ‘BoseDK’, but even registered the name as a trademark under their name in 2005."

We would like to clarify, that we were not aware of this, when we first used BossDK as a character on Bored Cricket Crazy Indians – BossDK was unleashed by Bored Member Namya on his blog, Not Cricket here on 21st December, 2009

It was after Namya’s consent that Bored Member Bhaskar Khaund unleashed the by now legendary series –

The Continuing Saga of BossDK & Big BosST from December 23, 2009 to January 5, 2010 on Bored Cricket Crazy Indians.

As you’re into cricket, you’ll know what the fuss is about.

While Thukral and Tagra flew down to spend an entire day with Aamir Khan, it’s no small coincidence that Bored Member Namya flew down to Delhi, to spend an entire evening with Bored Member Naked Cricket (Producer of Bored Cricket Crazy Indians)

According to Mail Today:

"Revelling in the media attention Khan said: “Often people fight on such issues but only lawyers have a great time…I am here to acknowledge ‘BoseDK’ is their creation and we are not making any claims to it being ours. They are the originals, I’m the fake, even if they are ‘BoseDK and I’m DKBose.”

And we are BossDK.


AK said...

I'm sorry guys, you guys rock

Sujan Rao said...

Copyrights Infringed.

Aamir ab tu tho gaya!

Anonymous said...

go make a song on your Boss DK

Nitin Vyas said...

Aamir are you listening? Another apology is in order!