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My preparation for England.

by Bored Guest

I will be frank with you, I am yet to lift a bat after my surgery. Only in the last few days my coach and doctor agreed that I can now look at a bat again, but not from very close, maybe from say, 15-20 feet. They call it ‘cricket-love-therapy’ and believe if I lust for a bat, my heart will engineer a revolt whereby it will make me physically strong. Anyway, it is no secret I play with my heart and not my head – as I have often said, who needs a head, when you can play with your heart? See, I have already said it twice here, that qualifies for often, no?

I have spent a lot of time with the kids in the last two months – they are not kids anymore or maybe as my friends say, I am quite childish so they appear to be grown up.

In articles like this it is the done-thing to thank your coach – but I will be frank with you, he has been no assistance in these months. I have been loading a lot of Bhajans on my i-pod, that is the only exercise I have got, that and putting food into my mouth – my appetite has grown eating home food again, so my ‘hand-to-mouth’ existence exercise has been intense.

Unlike before when I was not in the reckoning, this time everybody called to check on me – I taped a message for these well-wishers “Hi, I am unable to take your call, but if you want to listen to Sachin cheering at Wimbledon, please call him on..” Of course I did not give Sachin’s full number, just the UK code!

Sachin has been an inspiration these last few months, I have learnt to relax from him. I even wore a suit and tie and watched Wimbledon. It was the first time I have tried something like this. It helped that I was at home, and could quickly shift to my t-shirt and boxers. And no, like Sachin, I did not wear any shades at home, what do you think I am, crazy?

Now I am going to take a walk in the Hauz Khas park, I like to tease the kids there.

Your man,


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