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MasterDebate #1 UDRS with @Acricketingview

by bored cricket crazy indians

Get out. Not out. OUT! NOT OUT! Fuck off. CHEAT. LIAR. That umpire should never umpire again. Let's put some body parts to this UDRS - join us for The MaterDebate on U-D-R-S - what does it stand for - does it indeed stand? Sit down, listen up - Bored Member Achettup hosts Kartikeya Date, who blogs at A cricketing view and tweets @cricketingview


Gaurav Sethi said...

Welcome on Bored, Kartikeya.

Anonymous said...

87%, eh?

And what % of DRS acolytes indulge in the deed?

Perhaps not enough do! Which is why they're so cranky towards opposing points of view!