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Shahrukh Khan will dance at Sahara weddings for generations to come (price of BCCI-Sahara peace)

by KhufiaBaaz

It was never going to be about sorry or money, but something the Sahara clan can’t get enough of: star power. In 2006, Saharashri signed on Anna Kournikova, Boris Becker, Nadia “10” Comaneci. Before that he coughed up $128 million for the wedding of his two kids, invited 11,000 guests and your mother too.

Somewhere Sourav Ganguly linked up stardom, sports and weddings – his winning proposal to the Saharas, if SRK is so damn keen to dance for the BCCI, why not make him dance for you too? Translated from the Bengali – if SRK wants to negotiate on the BCCI’s behalf, make him dance for you.

Sourav and SRK go back some way, mostly 'my way or the highway'. What better than to make SRK dance; the Saharas pounced on the idea. He may not be Salman, but he’s still SRK. And he likes doing weddings.

Sourav sweetened the deal for both Sahara and himself: Make him dance for the next four generations of Sahara weddings, let me choose the dance mixes.

SRK who’s known to be fiercely loyal to his KKR franchise agreed on the condition that Dada dances with him to Korbo Lorbo Jeetbe Ro

Dada who has a poor dancing record, last seen with Hrithik Roshan in the Hero ad, blurted out, “who me??”

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