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Chris Gayle made in charge of Afghanistan’s celebration

by Gaurav Sethi

Afghanistan beat West Indies by six runs in Nagpur but the celebrations can be felt far and wide in the cricket world. Soon after Afghanistan’s win, the swashbuckling West Indies’ batsman, Chris Gayle, could be seen posing in pictures with the winning team. He even did a little jig while being photographed with the Afghans.

It has now been learnt that Afghan bowling coach, former Indian cricketer, Manoj Prabhakar, has requested Chris Gayle to show the Afghans a good time. Under head coach, and former Pakistan player, Inzamam-ul-Haq, the Afghans hardly if ever see a good time. Prabhakar, a true-blue Delhi-ite, has his own views of how the players should cool down after a hard day’s work.

Inzi though is a tough taskmaster. Players go to bed after offering prayers as early as 7:30 pm. They rise from bed, what many would consider the middle of the night, to offer prayers again. Prabhakar has tried his best to make it easier for the boys, but Inzi has always prevailed.

Overcome by Afghanistan’s first win in the World T20, and that too over table toppers and semi finalists, West Indies, Inzi has agreed to rest curfew for the players, but only for one night. The players though are at a complete loss on how to celebrate the win. Chris Gayle who is recovering from a hamstring injury and did not play in the match, has decided to step in. DJ Bravo too will be there to keep him company. Bravo is behind the song, Champions, that the Windies have used in their own celebrations. Looking at the Afghan’s celebrate, especially the ‘butt bump celebration’ Bravo wants to cast some of the Afghans in his next music video. “I think these Afghans kick ass, in more ways than one, maan...I’d frankly love to pick that Butt Bump dance from them, it’s groovy like that...I think we could do with a few Afghans in the IPL too. It’ll definitely make it cooler and hotter”

Chris Gayle will be collaborating with Afghan wicketkeeper and prime mover, Mohammad Shehzad over the celebrations. “That guy is f*cking crazy man, some of those moves, too original like he got them roaming the desert without a drop of water and all loony like that LOLZ, I simple dig his moves, man, can’t wait to hang with the dude, tonight. ”

While Nagpur isn’t exactly famous for its night spots, Gayle disagrees: “I’ve sniffed out a few places round the corner, they’re strictly underground so I can’t be saying too much about it LOLZ but I know I’ll be telling the boys to enjoy themselves and not think of the result as they’re no doubt used to hearing from Inzi LOLZ..I’ll also be telling them one more thing, you’re gonna see a lot tonight LOLZ so... Don’t blush baby LOLZ It can get quite hot when you’re partying with the Boss”

Inzi refused to comment on the nocturnal activity planned for the players but said with Gayle he thought they were in good hands. Asked if he was going to accompany the players for a little celebration, he said they already had their celebration with tea and cake. 

(However plausible this may sound, this is largely a work of fiction.)

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