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How Anushka Sharma motivated Virat Kohli

by Gaurav Sethi

Right, you asked for it. More than how India beat England after going two down in the series, everyone wants the lowdown on the captain’s latest revelation.

Soon after dedicating India’s win to Kerala, Virat Kohli thanked his wife, Anushka Sharma. For what? Cricket lessons?

Here’s what he said - "I want to dedicate my innings especially to my wife. She's motivated me a lot, kept pushing me. She's the only one who keeps me positive out there. She has copped a lot in the past but she deserves the credit for this one"

What exactly did Anushka do?

By the time India had lost the second Test, Kohli was ready to try anything – the dodgy back meant he was even going slow on the gym. Anushka had said to a distraught Virat, “Virat, at a time like this, you don’t need outer strength…you need inner strength”

At that point, she showed him an advertisment Boris Becker had done for Tag Heuer watches on her phone. Anushka was well aware that even though Virat was the brand ambassador of Tissot watches, he was a huge Becker fan – and had modelled his bad boy image largely on the German.

At that point, Virat snapped in the little German he knew, “Wunderbar! Becker looks strong – mentally tough, just not on the outside – but Anu, this is an ad? You know ads are ads and…”

Anushka butts in, “you can’t say that, you just CAN-NOT IN CAPITAL LETTERS. You have to believe in this ad. Because you believe in Becker. And you are like Becker. He serves, you drive, he volleys, you come dancing down the track…”

Virat is amused, “hehhe too much commentary, boss, what are you getting at??”

She continues, unfazed by Virat’s giggle, “What I’m getting at is, Becker was only accountable to one guy – himself. You have a team. But before that, you are accountable to yourself. You cannot play for Pujara or run for him. You cannot bring Rahane back into form, only he can. You can’t catch for Shikhar or open for Rahul. You got to decide who are your go-to guys – and back them. Like you back yourself. Your inner strength will rub off them – it will become their inner strength…”

Virat is zapped, (his eyes are just as big as when Adil Rashid knocked him over) – by this wonderful revelation, by none other than his own wife

Virat: yeah…

Anushka (brandishing her phone with the Becker ad again): And if you feel someone isn’t going to come good, maybe you’ll have to let him go

Virat: Oh, with that I have no problem, you know how many times I’ve changed the team

Anushka: Yes, I do. But do it if you’re convinced only. That their inner strength is on the wane. They’ll play to fight another day, who knows – but maybe not now, maybe not this series, maybe this is not their fight…

Virat: Hmmmm ok, yeah, a few guys I think are maxed out, just not happening for them – funny I was thinking of doing something crazy – that goes totally against conventional wisdom

Anushka: What would Becker have done? He played on grass too. He was a champion on grass. That was England. This is England. This can be your Wimbledon.

Virat: I think Boris (Becker) would be ruthless, completely f***ing ruthless BC like y’kno total Kaand ka King – but because the ultimate success is what mattered…

Anushka: Right, I hope I’m not going to be Lady Macbeth

Virat: What’s that?

Anushka: Oh, that’s a long story…random hai…for another day, after the series, we can both laugh about it, I’ll show you the movie…don’t think you’re going to get into Shakespeare

Virat: Oh, William boss…are you talking about Shakespeare in Love, that I’ve seen...

Anushka: Naah, anyway forget that (shows him the Becker image again) – see those eyes – they only see one thing, and that’s the net at Wimbledon. And in a few days, you will only see those 22 yards at Trent Bridge…it’s Trent Bridge, right?

Virat: Yeah…that is some picture. Next thing you’ll want me to wear a Tag Heuer watch and go round town in an Ola

Anushka(smiling): No, I won’t endorse that…but I am gonna introduce you to the great Zen master Taisen Deshimaru Roshi’s disciple who’s in from Fukui in Japan for a few sessions…that’s all hooked up with inner strength too.

Y’kno what Master Roshi said – “If you are not happy here and now, you never will be.
To receive everything, one must open one's hands and give.
Think with your whole body.”

And you are ready to receive everything – and you are ready to open your hands and give. You’re the captain – Give – give to your team. They’re your team. Empower them. Think with your whole body.

Virat (repeats with her): Think with your whole body…

At that precise moment, the door slides open, and a genial looking middle aged Japanese man is standing there

Zen Master: Which one of you is Virat Kohli? Does it matter, you both are. (He then looks at Virat and addresses him as Anushka)

Virat (to Anushka): This is going to be fun, Virat.

(However true this sounds, this is largely a work of fiction)


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