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Bored beyond bones – Conspiracy theory 1

by Bored Member

by Raja Baradwaj

Ever since the friends across their borders assured help, to avoid arrest the exodus and to improve the standards of the game, Bangladesh have started winning or being on a winning position.

They have lost talent, they have lost their experience to the rival league.

It is not the new guys who have put them in this winning position suddenly, for if they had new guys why didn’t they infuse this new blood long back?

It is actually the old guys, the guys who were part of the numbers (11) but didn’t contribute to anything except to probably taking their position in the team bus, hotel, breakfast table etc. who seem to make the difference now.

So how did it all happen all of the sudden?

How does a supposedly strong Kiwi team suddenly start losing hands down to those who were minnows till the Kiwi plane touched down in Dhaka?

Have the friends across borders started to deliver what they promised?

Monies, gentlemen?

Improved standards of the game?

Justin Vaughn, Sir Richard Hadlee, Daniel Vettori or someone from BCB should be able to explain better.


Gaurav Sethi said...

be good if b'desh can go beyond winning on the first innings. right now it's like winning a one day (the second day), they need to win two more days at least.

Viswanathan said...

The old guard was playing politics instead of playing cricket.

I also find myself in agreement with what NC has said.