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Get F-ed baby!

by Gaurav Sethi

(F-ed: Felicitated)

by Naked Cricket

It’s yr last
u got there first
scored a ton
thought u’d won

what’s with you?
Not lookin so new
Get F-ed baby!

It’s yr 100th
let's call a pundit
scored a double
still in trouble

Get F-ed baby!

it’s yr 40th
by far the naughtiest
u scored the most
got rid of the ghost

get F-ed baby!

It’s Déjà vu
It’s just you
U made 10k
Thought it was okay

get F-ed baby!

It’s mid series
It’s mid wicket
U got hurt
u got thru
What’s with u?
not lookn so new
get F-ed baby!


straight point said...

carrying on from VM's last comment...

you got 'wished'
first from mark then from bhogle...
now one is out of way
how you will keep next at bay
do get f-ed at the end of day...

sorry NC...kya karron control nahi hota...!

Gaurav Sethi said...

sp, sorry rd it should be!

Anonymous said...

Am slow... I missed it... what is this f-ed about.

Gaurav Sethi said...

F-ed: Felicitated
u overlooked it, just below the caption.