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Zimbabwean influence on English cricket

by Gaurav Sethi

by Naked Cricket

KP won the toss but didn’t find his lost mojo. England did what they often do: score runs upfront and then lose so many plots they burst the real estate bubble again - 4 for 65 off 33 overs. That’s empathy for you: they rather play like Zim than play them. Divide your screen into two: play the Zim horror chases vs. Lanka on the right, and you’d be left with England chasing its tail.

But before that they swept. If you didn’t know it, now you do - Andy Flower is their assistant coach. In spirit and in sweep. The reason they hired Flower was his 50+ test average. Poms, even the best of them respect a 40+ average, with 50+ they go flat out on the floor and levitate.

You have to grant Flower this much. He maybe Zim but he got that 50+ avg without playing Zim.

England watched hundreds of Flower videos, but in doing so, (largely because of poor video edits) they also inculcated into their batting, the attributes of lesser Zim batsmen.

KP, for one, took a shine to Henry Olonga’s batting. Convenient as Olonga now lives in England.

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