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IPL shifts out of India!

by Ankit Poddar

Dear Bored Members (and Guests and other readers),

Times of India reports that IPL is being shifted out of India, probably to South Africa or England. Probably, you already know about this!

What I am about to write in this letter may sound a little politically incorrect to a few, or just a letter out of frustration to others. Frankly, it is both!

If the bloody government cannot guarantee singular events in its country where there is a concentration of a few thousands, how can it guarantee the safety of us billion people who are scattered across this country!

I am now scared living in my own country, aren't you?!

(This is also the 600th post on BCC!, but I have lost all excitement in it even though it's coming out of me!)

Sachins thankfully,
Ankit Poddar


straight point said...

that's some sentiments ankit!

i for once feeling its right decision by bcci...

Anonymous said...

I think not holding it in India, during elections was the wiser choice. It is not just security at the ground/stadium, it is making sure no incident happens anywhere in that area and making sure the burden on our security personnel is not too much.

Anonymous said...

i agree with rs.

i guess, most probably this year, IPL might be a damp squib...

Ankit Poddar said...


the post actually came out with sentiments, instead of the other way round!

i don't think BCCI made a decision, this was the only alternative left to them, to conduct the IPL in a harmonious manner with the authorities!

my problem is with the Indian government!

Ankit Poddar said...

RS, Anon,

if the government can not offer security to grand events, what about the everyday living of its citizens!

not only does it send out a wrong message to the other teams which are scheduled to tour india, but also to us indians!

Q said...

Ankit, without any offence to u whatsoever, I dont think the billions of Indians are noteworthy targets to terrorists - like the cricketers are..

Ankit Poddar said...


no disrespect taken, bro!

i agree with you completely, all i am saying is that i am scared now!

i mean what about the industrial conferences like the one that happened in gujarat! these industrialists certainly will qualify as worthy targets! will they have to be moved out too, if the state has some other election?

Gaurav Sethi said...

what a piss off

Anonymous said...

Come on Ankit you know that Gujrat Gaurav or whatever that meet was called a one off event in one part of the country.This tournament is something else altogether. And ofcourse criketersa are much bigger target as emotion of the masses are attached with them. The whole problem was becaused of the election which in itself with its various phases are a big excercise for security personals.I think it has became a game of upmanship with BCCI & government and proper attention was not given to the actual matters. So in all probability it look like a good idea.

Ankit Poddar said...


the shifting of IPL, and not the post right?! :))

Ankit Poddar said...


i have always believed that cricketers are prospective targets even before lahore attacks, i had even written how i dont wish that england not return to india after the mumbai attacks, i had posted about it on allpaddedup!

and i don't see it as a wrong by bcci, this was the only option available to them, with the government acting like a wuss!

tell me, with this aren't the government sending out wrong signals to the touring parties about touring india, for the bilateral series, for commonwealth, for world cup?!

Gaurav Sethi said...

Yeah Ankit, don't fish.