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B the moment of the match

by RajaB

Bangalore playing Deccan

Such an important match it was touted to be. Many people wrote many things about what these two teams should do to qualify. And most importantly keep Punjab at bay.

But then as luck would have it, Mangal Pande... err.. Manish Pande scored an amazing century and the so called test team, reached a (what seems like winning) 170. This not withstanding a scrum half-like fielding performance by Deccan's Gibbs assisted by Symonds.

All that said, my moment of the match would be that second when Kumbles called Virat Kohli to bowl.

Having seen Mr Kohli's record just when he had hit RP all over the park in over no 20, I was amazed he was called in to bowl.

Is it arrogance ?

Or wisdom ?

So far it looks like wisdom, but who knows...

In T20 I am told the wisemen speak after 40 overs and 15 minutes

Have they won yet??

1 comment:

Gaurav Sethi said...

if jumbo wins that ugly trophy, it will be no less than the underdog india 83 wc win. frankly he's the only bloke out there u can feel any empathy for, like the connors us open comeback, destined to fall in the semis, but who knows.