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Cherries & Cricket!

by Bored Guest

One would really have to be an avid cricketer to know that the "Cherry" is basically another name for the red cricket ball used in test matches.

Conversely, one needn't be an avid cricketer to know that the "Cherry" also refers to the nipples placed high, low or sideways on women's breasts. Yup, you bet they come in numerous placements.

When women, cricketing or otherwise, are dissatisfied with the positioning of their cherries (most have two), they have their little operations to 'set them right.'

Take a closer look at the IPL "Cheerleaders" (a.k.a. CherryLeaders), notice their melons... notice carefully where their cherries are placed on their respective mounds... look carefully because this is what 'Fruity Cricket' or 'Extravagant & Lucious Cricket' is all about...

Cherries = Nipples = Cricket Balls ... and that closes the circle, yet again!


God bless Lalit Kumar Modi,
God bless his IPL,
God bless all the CherryLeaders!

by Ajoy Eric Lal
Cherry watchin' is as much fun as watchin' cricket... and I didn't invent that, Lalit and the media did!


Q said...

I havent seen any cherries! Lots of cleavage, but no exposed cherries! what have i been missing?

Gaurav Sethi said...

long shot!

raj said...

You should change your name to Ajay er(ot)ic Lal