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by RajaB

Tracer bullet seems to be a thing of the past (for the next week or so, of course)

Taaank guod... Nu Raanjitt Frnaanduu !! (Saw how the hand trembles when you think of him and speaks the same way he does??)

No Elves minimum when things fly out of hand...

And no more listening to stupid stuff that equates Dhoni to King Arthur

This is all ok, but how about us missing our dear Kolkata Knight Riders ??

Ya, I know what you guys are thinking...

NO !! I am not talking about HIM... Mr Anon, after you drove some sense into my mind I swore I wouldn't.

This post is not about him

So what rumour ??

If my unconfirmed sources are to be believed, Sir Alex Ferguson might not have a job soon. The last nail in this coachie's coffin might be that sorry loss to Barcelona at Rome.

If that source should be believed our man of ManU flew straight to Mannat...

He might be the special one next year... Oops !! Am sorry Mr José Mourinho, I know you wouldn't like this... Sorry Sir.

Oops !! I am sorry Sir Alex, I know you wouldn't like that... For José is neither a commonwealth citizen nor a Knight...

Now you guys got the connection ??

He might takeover next year. For, he is looking for a change I'm told.

Dada beware !!

He threw a boot at Beckham... Keep the kitbag away when you go near him. Imagine the matter that covers Shoaib Aktar's warts hitting you...

You can't right ??

1 comment:

Gaurav Sethi said...

when stressed sir alex even looks like JB.