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Sidhuism comes true!

by Som

The unthinkable just happened. Kings XI Punjab skipper Yuvraj Singh walked out for the toss in knickers!

While the provocation behind stripping down to the bare minimum is not officially known, it only goes on to establish a prophesy by the venerable motormouth Navjot Singh Sidhu.

Sidhu had propagated that if ODI is pyjama cricket, T20 is underwear cricket and after Yuvi's knicker-show today, Sidhu stands, sits and sleeps vindicated.

Apparently, the idea has impressed IPL ringmaster Lalit Modi who is pondering making it mandatory for other captains as well.


fake said...

he is not for real

Q said...

How ironic is that coming from fake...!!

Som: if that happens, we know wat Dhoni will walk out in:

straight point said...

he came in shorts...he fall short...

Gaurav Sethi said...

still better than that arun lal sized blazer he wore at the opening.