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The terms of engagement

by John

This post is for Bored friends Q, Damith and Homer. All three care about stuff the civilised world has absolutely no interest in. In Q's case, the obsession is with Fawad Alam. Damith cares enough about Michael Vaughan and Homer cares about the Ponting-Chawla "rivalry". Which makes them the ideal parties to the debate, for a game that I, ahem, find far too difficult to care about.

So yawn, here is what a bored debate requires. It needs a proposition and an opposition. And of course, a moderator.

We have the proposition in Damith (who has already fired his opening salvo, i see. btw, welcome on bored, dude), and I guess, we have the opposition in Q (no offence Q, you just happen to be speaking second).

So who will moderate? Homer. Obviously. Not because of some absurd big-brother-in-the-subcontinent-notion, but because his name is Homer and the origins of modern debate and other boring things lie in ancient Greece, see?

1. Q, will need to fire in his defence pretty soon. Are you ready Q?
2. Homer will summarise both arguments and prepare the ground for Damith's repartee
3. Damith's repartee. If we could afford it, we would have made Ravi Shastri say "This is Big!" three times before Damith starts.
4. Q's counter-arguments
5. Homer's final summary of the debate
6. Match begins.
7. Cricket decides the winner of this debate. and our two fat ladies would have started singing.

Tell me if this format works - Q, Damith and Homer. Not that I particularly care. So bored.

(Bored Member Damith is from Sri Lanka where as Bored Member Q is from Pakistan; this is the start of the Damith vs. Q BBC* Debate at BCC! for the Sri Lanka v Pakistan Super 8 game on 12th June 2009. Rip into each other gentlemen)
*BBC - Bored Boys Chat

Click here for the complete Pak-Lanka Debate, start reading from down under.

1 comment:

Q said...

Works for me and my defense is out and running!