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Wasn't Bored almost right or what?!

by Ankit Poddar

When the T20 World Cup was still to begin, when the Indian team were still supposed to win, I at Bored had some observations about the teams. Read them, before you read these!
Now, weren't those right or what!

South Africa reached the semi finals on account of their experience at IPL, and then lost it, on account of the same! A case in point being Duminy's experience with MI! But more importantly they choked again! How I wish I had betted on it!

Australia found it real hard without Roy, and they are unseeded for the next T20 WC now! Of course, because it is Oz, ICC may change some of the rules before next year!

India, well, still very raw! So, let us forget it! Just let them come back, got those effigies ready!

West Indies, okay I was wrong about them!

Sri Lanka, still don't like their outfits!

But Pakistan! Yes, so right about them! They had lost both their warm ups and are now into the Finals of T20 World Cup! Hail their inconsisntency!


straight point said...

pakistan inconsistent...?

guess who were the finalists last year too... ;-)

Ankit Poddar said...


may be they are scripting the England story!

coming to the finals and?! ;)

of course, Q would want otherwise

Gaurav Sethi said...

Gott admit, the Lankan outfits bother me less now. Or maybe I just wasn't looking, will confirm layer today

Yenjie said...

Windies - you weren't wrong about them. Still a shit team - basically a 3 player team - Gayle, Bravo and Edwards - and all 3 of those players make Afridi look consistent.