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In conclusion

by John

The debate ended like the movie: with a Mexican standoff directed by the Straight Point. That was after Umar Gul filled in appropriately as Malaika Arora. So far back that Fawad Alam could well have been the difference. Well before that, while the Pakistani batsmen were demonstrating a jelly spine, the same could not have been said of the team's finest online cheerleader. Forget the Sri Lankan team, Q had no problem in getting personal with Damith. Much like an Aussie captain on another small island nation, Q called attention to Damith's tactics, and scored a few points with his rapier thrust. Damith's defence, was to question Q's questions about his tactics.
But that wasn't really required. Q admitted defeat shortly thereafter. Apart from spine, apparently the Pakistani team didn't have bats either. This was discovered well after Q had exhausted his quota of small joys for the rest of the year. Some time before his team failed him, his man stood up and threatened to make the difference. Q was in the seventh for a bit there. But Damith won, dude, though Mendis was quite a bit less than splendid.

1 comment:

straight point said...

from splendid mendis to splendid de-mend-this...?

on serious note...his yesterday was anything but buffet bowling...its pity that he is sinking even faster than pak middle order bats!!