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Pak v SL, it's time to get serious.

by Damith S.

Ok So SL lost the 2020 finals. I went into hiding. Its all been documented.

But its now time for the serious stuff. So lets get serious. I have my fly up and everything. The first test is at Galle. Pakistan has played there once and beat SL by an innings.

But that was a long long long time ago. Back when Attappatu was not calling the selectors muppets. Back when Arjuna would still walk singles and Wasim Akram, bless his soul, still played.

First test at Galle. Stats suggest you win the toss and bat. But its a decent pitch all round.

Its King Kumars first real test in cricket. Sure his quick wit got him places in 20 overs but over 90 over days for extended periods of time, does he have what it takes ?

Younus on the other hand, won the 2020 WC and then retired from the format. Some Sri Lankan cricket bloggers have suggested that this proves that Younus is a bit unstable.

Inexperience v Instability. You couldn't ask for much more.


Krish said...

Depends more on how Pakistan handles the spinners. We will know for sure if Mendis is all that he is made out to be. This is his make-or-break series.

straight point said...

krish...they don't discard players in hurry...