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Dilshan doesn't rate the Kiwis

by pRAFs

Either that, or he thinks he's playing another t20 tournament. 92 off 72 balls on the first morning of a test match. That takes some doing.

Kiwis might have been all chuffed after SL did the usual sacrifice-the-opener-to-the-gods ritual. King Kumar didn't last too long either.

But Dilshan wondered what the fuss was all about, and cut and drove merrily on the way to 92. Didn't play the dilscoop though.

Too bad, he didn't get the hundred.

But going by the treatment dished out to the bowlers, the Kiwis will have some long field sessions on this tour.

And yes, Jayawardena got a hundred, but he doesn't get a post, because he isn't half as much fun.


Gaurav Sethi said...

That Mahela got a mention is pushing it far enough.

Doubt Dilshan rates anyone, even himself. Long time I saw a guy go bonkers with so much impact. Can't even say it's the Jatman effect, he was scoring before he went nuts with Delhi.

straight point said...

or may be he has finally discovered the right 'gear' with which he wants go building innings...unleashing all strokes he has with the backing of team management...

srilanka always missed the impact player at top and after the retirement of jaya...hence the promotion of dilshan to open the innings...

pRAFs said...

dilshan has hit the purple patch big time, but this approach won't help much outside the subbie. but who know's i'd be eating my words sometime soon.

the sacrifice the opener ritual works sometime.