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Bored Fantasy Cricket Challenge

by achettup

This is my challenge to you bored members, fellow bloggers (and readers). You've got more than enough time to create a fantasy team before the Champions Trophy. So make one. Lets get this one rolling and crown the first even Bored Fantasy Champion. Winner gets bragging rights and a rolling Bored Fantasy Champion badge for your blog/website, top three make the sidebar as fantasy winners.

Register you fantasy team here, on cricinfo. Then either send me an email or let me know in the comments section about whether you're interested in joining and I'll be happy to add you. I'll need the email id you used to register the team to add you.


  1. Only one team per player
  2. Your request must reach me at the latest half an hour before the first game, on Tuesday (I think). I strongly recommend creating a team and letting me know well before that!
  3.  I'll try to update the rankings of each player and the league after every game right here on Bored.
  4. Champion will be crowned in a garish ceremony right here on BCC! after the final.
  5. No bonus points for thanking Sachin, sorry.
  6. Quitters and chickens (bwaaaaack bwuck bwuck bwuck) will be sledged relentlessly! Those who stick it out to the final irrespective of their position get on Bored Roll Of Honor, as soon as we make that.


Aditya said...

Count me in!

a silent reader on BCC!

it would be easier if after creating the league you can post the LPIN here

Thiru Cumaran said...

Created mine...send over the invitation to

Anonymous said...

Aha. Sounds good. Now let me put my enhanced cricketing brain to the fore :)

Anonymous said...

made my team!

achettup said...

Thanks for your interest guys. Cricket Tragic and fckingblog, I've sent you invites. Aditya and kissmycricket, you can use this LPIN 90627-697043fe4690d875 to join the league. We've got a guide here to help you if you have any trouble joining the league. Please leave comments there if you're still running into problems.

Q said...

Done.. registered using umair dot qazi at gmail dot com

Reverse Swing said...

ah damn i would love to join it but i guess i am late 1 was away for a week, but i have a team on cricinfo which is doing good :P

can i still join even though it will be only catching up but it will be fun :)

my team is at

mudassar_ijazawan at yahoo dot com