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Selfish Partners.

by Bored Guest

Yeeru and Hauti were building a huge partnership. Then it happened. A misunderstanding whereby both of them were competing for the same crease. Neither wanted to go and it took the third umpire to decide Hauti had to go. Hauti went cursing and eventually, though they made up, the selfishness of Indian Cricketers was exposed.

Eminencies reacted thus:

Steve Pough: Anyone wearing the baggy green implicitly puts the team first. If this had happened to Australia, both batsmen would have been competing to sacrifice their wicket rather than bickering to stay

Pricky Ranting: It is not about scoring centuries. You must play for the team. I would have taken one on the chin for the team and not stayed bickering there, exposing the lack of unity in team. Of course, you can't expect that from Sub-continentals.

(exit stage, murmuring, "Sach scored another century, with even that pesky DK being smart enough not to hit the winning runs. Wish I played for India - I could actually have centuries instead of mouthing platitudes on team spirit)

Ian Slipper: This is what happens when you place personal records above the team. It was bound to happen in India, of course. This will never happen in Australia

Greg Slipper: I told you, Indian culture sucks!

Michael Chalker: Aw! Look mate, we Ozzies will never be so selfish to fight publicly for staying on.

And so on...

All characters and incidents in the story are imaginary. Any resemblance to real life is purely coincidental!

by Raj


Bhaskar Khaund said...

Ha ha ha :-) ...Ian Slipper :- LOL )...good stuff , Raj..some more please !

raj said...

Thx BK> I thought it was a bit crude, and the dialogues can be much better. Nevertheless, it is important to put some parody on th situ, even if you cant get it 100% right.