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When Waqar Younis did Pink Floyd.

by Gaurav Sethi

"C'mon Yousuf, leave the kid alone" That's Waqar on air, could swear that sounded straight out of one of those Floyd hits.Not just that, "c'mon Yousuf, let the kid play, you're ruining his average, ruining his strike rate". Some good banter, Waqar's usually candid, doesn't get jumpy in the box, says what's in his head. Be some fun times ahead as the bowling and fielding coach. Why not make him batting coach too? One things for sure, Umar Akmal will smash a few more sixes. While MoYo can be a chip of the old block.    

1 comment:

Wasim said...


I told you Yousaf is not as mellow as he appears.