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Spare a thought for MoYo.

by Gaurav Sethi

Life often has been unfair to MoYo, even when he captains a team that loses convincingly, nobody talks about him. It’s all Afridi’s fault, had he not bitten the ball, MoYo would have earned a public display of affection – a verbal flogging. Tongues would’ve lashed him, and the PCB high command would’ve hit new lows.

MoYo, the simple man that he is, would’ve gone in search of the holy grail, the ICL – with MoYo back, the ICL would’ve flourished again. Not to be.

Now the way things stand, MoYo will be back to third man. I was convinced he would captain from third man; he did, though only figuratively – he positioned himself at mid off, not quite the trenches, but close enough to the action.

You may ask, did he sport spectacles, wear a monocle, take out his binoculars – no, he didn’t. MoYo was at his myopic best. He batted in the scary-poo tradition of Shoaib Malik. Usually at 4, the one time he came in at 3, the side achieved something. No doubt a major blow for MoYo, how he likes to come in when the going gets tough.

What next for MoYo – there is an old league doing the rounds, it’s 20,000 leagues under the sea. Many people back home have been telling him, “Chulo bhar pani main doob mar” (go drown in a hand full of water). MoYo can take things literally.

Like when he was regarded as the best batsman in the world, he took it literally – once he started scoring he just couldn’t stop. Then when he overheard he was going through a bad patch, yeah, you get the drift.

1 comment:

straight point said...

i still cannot believe that the one who made the mockery of pcb as well as pakistan cricket was awarded a captaincy of pak team...

but that's pcb for you... :)