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Next: Afridi bites teammate

by bored cricket crazy indians

Afridi wasted 3 balls, then he had to go to the lavatory, it was urgent. He attempted a front foot pull – it was like a failed coup in a happy go lucky banana republic. Even if you fail, they let you off with a reprimand rolled with a blog rant.

Had it come off, it would’ve been the shot of the fortnight. Then he would’ve been decorated like Generals often are after happy ending coups.

Such shots should be attempted every now and then. They make cricket far more interactive. You get to ask Afridi, “Why Afridi, why?” He will tell you if was the IPL, eating away at him.

It wasn’t gonna stop there. He snacked at the ball. “Samosa aur chai hoh jai, aur ek white ball bhi? Seams good.”

How long before Afridi bites one of his mates and gives them eternal cricket life – “Change me!” they say; straight out of the Twilight series as they are; even if they can’t make out with Afridi, they'll play on forever.

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