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With Afridi, Mind your language

by RajaB

Grapevine tells us that some smart arse Aussie reporter asked Afridi how he bit the bullet to take up the crown of thorns, the bed of nails – Pakistani captaincy, especially during a tough tour Down under.

Afridi didn’t want to be a Sohail Tanveer, trying to be cheeky down under (anatomically !!). He preferred the Sehwag route we are told.

“Sorry, we are sportsmen we have nothing to do with guns. In fact we are very friendly guys and we don’t have bullets either”

Afridi being Afridi, he had a point to prove. He wanted to teach some basics to that silly Aussie journo who spoke about those instruments of violence and the enablers.

Firstly, he wanted to tell the Aussie journo world that the Pakistani cricketers had a bite

But most importantly he wanted to prove that Pakistani cricketers are indeed non violent sports people (The Asif – Shoaib instance, with some assistance from him was just an aberration) and they don’t carry guns to have access to bullets.

All they have access to, are balls. And so he had a ball

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