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Achettup's Moment of The Opening IPL Match

by achettup

It was a strange match, exciting but not thrilling and almost anticlimactic towards the end. It was an upset alright, but perhaps more because Deccan threw the game away than Kolkata winning it. There were plenty of dropped catches, sixes and dot balls and excellent patient innings from Angelo Matthews and Owais Shah before they plundered 70 odd runs off the last five overs. Then there was Gilly's assault... there were the cringe-inducing strokes by the rest of the Deccan batsmen... But the moment that stood out to me is one we should all be sick of...

Just how much cricket have India and Sri Lanka played in recent times? I've lost count but "too much" seems like a fine alternative. And then when Chaminda Vaas dismissed Tiwari, it seemed we were seeing Ind vs SL all over again... retro this time with Vaas bowling to Ganguly in the first over of the match... and three balls later Vaas got his man for a duck... but for a change I didn't feel like kicking the tv or the sofa or whatever... it didn't matter, and it was nice in a way to see Ganguly dismissed by Vaas and not feel affected one little bit by it... maybe even letting a small smile break on my lips.


Mahek said...

The moment(s) of the match were Shit Max showing ads that were on the electronic scoreboard and focusing on the MRF sign every once in a while. It's bad enough that the players look like billboards. How much more are you going to whore stuff out? Give me MLB and NFL please.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Haha! A, that was friggin hilarious - it's like Vaas good re-engineered at the Dada sighting. I expected him to get a 7 for if there were more Indians, and the venue shifted to Sharjah.

Mahek, but how considerate of them not to split that screen into 2, one with the ad and the other with the cricket - we actually got a full screen of cricket.
For me, that was it too. Haven't quite recovered.