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Bored Council Working Committee To Meet To Be Called Tomorrow

by achettup

Bored Member Hon. Shri Homer does not have the authority to call an Extraordinary General Meeting. In all his years at Bored he has never called such a meeting in the past, hence there shall be no Extraordinary General Meeting unless I am calling it.

We shall meet tomorrow at a Bored Council Working Committee Meeting to discuss Bored Member Hon. Shri Homer's continued workings at a Bored level. Nobody need fear missing out on dana paani ka kharcha, sufficient quantity has been ordered for all attending the meeting and everyone shall have his own individual share which cannot and will not be withheld by any member and especially a member who does not have the authority to withhold appetizers at Bored Meetings. Also, kindly do not RSVP for Bored Member Hon. Shri Homer's Extraordinary General Meeting.

And Bored Member Hon. Shri Homer is hereby required to attend the Bored Council Working Committee's Emergency Meeting tomorrow, but he shall not be allowed to make a statement. Neither is he applicable for Rasmalai (desert).


Homer said...

I refuse to come.

Vishal B said...

AWESOME! LOL! Keep it gng guys

Gaurav Sethi said...

Yeah, keep it going for another 15 days at least

Homer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.