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Dear Shri Achettupji,

by Homer

It is with great sadness that I read the show cause notice issued to me by Bored. The show cause notice is illegal and in violation of the Consititution of the Bored.

Per clause CMLXXXXVI of Article para 378, "a show cause notice can be issued only in the case that a 2/3rd majority of the Bored Membership is in agreement and an affidavit of the said agreement is notarized by three legal notaries and filed in triplicate. It is also mandatory that said notarized affidavit then be posted, via regular mail and reach the noticee in no less than 3 business days from the date of the vote."

Therefore, the show cause notice is null and void. I am taking this opportunity to call on an Extraordinary  General Meeting (EGM) of the Bored at a time and place of my choosing.



Your good friend,


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