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Sources: Content Of Bored Council Email Leaked

by achettup

Dear All,

It has been brought to my notice that some of you are planning to "leak" the previously sent meeting invite  on the Bored forum in the interests of "transparency".. It will behoove you to know that any such action will bring about the strongest reprimand.. And if you still insist on the above course of action, it will also behoove you to know that REDACTED , REDACTED and REDACTED are on my People I Follow list. And REDACTED is a follower..

Now that you have digested that, I would again repeat my strong urging to you to desist from leaking anything anywhere ( not to be taken literally). And do remember, my last line of defense is that my e-mail account was hacked and there is no paper trail of the said meeting invite.

Please do note that my minions are, at this very moment, digging up the dirt on you.. It wont take much to prove your "Internet Rights" are dodgy or that your "Bhevioral Patterns" are inconsistent.

So be warned ( yet again).

Sincerely Yours,


PS:- Please note that the above threat is equally applicable for this note too. And please also do remember that those leaking this mail ( or the previous one) stand to lose thier dana paani ka kharcha for the Bored meeting ( and that is just the appetizer).

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