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For AB baby!

by Gaurav Sethi

Whenever I chat with A Bisht (high time we call him The Bisht) about cricket or cartoons, I usually get a cartoon idea. So if you have no idea of either cricket or cartoons, Anil is a good one to speak to – it works for me, it could for you.

Anil is one of the early settlers on Bored, and he’s always been open to thrashing the hell out of a cricket idea. This may seem like a post without a cartoon or an idea but I’m yet to speak with Anil. Catch up soon, Anil – god knows this post needs a toon, and if I don’t do it, you might have to.

Happy Bored Day AB, and as we say for your toons, have a 'ABulous day!


straight point said...

many many happy reTOONs of the day AB... cheers!! :)

Homer said...

Happy Bored Day AB!