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Kotla ka Ghotala and other IPL related things.

by Dhaanu

Watching the game between the KXIP and the Double Ds, one has to wonder why is the Kotla getting a game. The pitch is not even fit for gully cricket. The pitch at Gandhi Maidan in Chembur, Mumbai has more consistentcy than this one. If the game can be shiftd from grounds because of things like tiffs with the home associations, civil unrest, etc., it is high time it gets shifted for cricketing reasons!!

Talking of tiffs, has anyone been following the tweets of the greatest Modi of them all? He has been laying into the Rajasthan CA officials for percieved mistreatment of RR officials. It is to be noted that the Modi was once chief of RCA before being defeated in the elections. Soon after the defeat comes the news that RR matches are being shifted to Gujarat which has a friendlier CA. While the tiff is expected, what is not expected is the use of Twitter. Has Twitter become this influential?

Yesterday was the day when Rahul Dravid announced to the world that he has been picked in RCB for batting. Yesterday was also the day when Uttappha introduced to the world his version of the switch hit - the Ultappha.

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