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The third Akmal in the team

by Gaurav Sethi

That is Shahid Afridi. Either that or the other two Akmals are Afridis. Pakistan’s chase today, only started in earnest when the first four got out of the way – Malik had to get on to the phone and yap, yap, yap to his begum. Make way for Umar Akmal and his big bro, Shahid Bhai. It is a known fact, that when the other brother, Kamran fails to collect an Afridi delivery, (allegedly a bye) he yelps, Shahid bhai, Shahid bhai…to which Shahid snaps, oye, Shahid bye, Shahid bye bol…this is their joke, and if it wasn’t for a keen ear to the stump mike, I’d be clueless in Seattle.

So Umar and Shahid, at the crease. There is such a strong family vibe, almost expect one of them to balo rotis. While they batted together, there was a 5 year plan, but those never work. Bhai’s 6s rained, but that Umar, he ran himself out – just like Bhai ran himself in the Caribbean. He learns, and how.

One set of brother teeth exits, another enters. And while he exited, was that a smirk, a grimace, or was that just Umar Akmal – the PCB will no doubt bring in a very good dentist from Denver to examine that, for in the teeth is the truth.

Next set of teeth were run out too, but Bhai in spite of his breakdance, spasms, and near lifetaking 6s threatened to breach Dambulla. That last 6, and the breakdown that followed, it was cricket ballet – swanlake, nay, nutcracker sweet – for Shahid Bhai is a nutcracker…

Shahid Bhai down the street to Murali, another big routine 6, straight, and then the evil spirits invade him, as he collapses, a heap, barely enough strength to nonchalantly toss that helmet off his head…that he did not do his Flintoff superstar impersonation after that, the only lack.

But soon, Bhai was a bye too. From a nutcracker to a knucklehead, he edged one off his knuckles to Sanga. And Bhai feels everything, so he felt his knuckles, under his gloves…a message, better gloves, boys.

And of course Pakistan lost under Razzaq’s stewardship. But where is Misbah? After his MBA, it is learnt he is pursuing an MBE. For he can walk English and talk English.


Som said...

Too good, best match report of the Asia Cup opener, without an iota of doubt!

Unknown said...

Clueless in Seattle - Nice touch

Gaurav Sethi said...

Thanks Som

Cheers LOL

raj said...

Honduras have taken inspiration and actually brought in a third Palecios to their team!