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Boomerang Boomerang Afridi :

by bored cricket crazy indians

For reasons almost as inexplicable as Shahid bhai himself , Afridi's dismissal somehow took me back to the Ind vs Eng test in Delhi , winter of 1984-85 when Kapil Dev holed out in the deep at a crucial stage on the last day. That had India hole-ing out even deeper , going on to concede that test and later the series 1-2. (That was Azza's legendary 3 centuries-on-debut series )

Skipper Sunny bhai was so unamused that he had the greatest Indian cricketer ever (as he subsequently went on to term praji) sacked for the remainder of the series. If memory serves me well Kapil praji did his damdest to return the favour later when it was his turn to be boss. On whether he succeded or not my memory does not serve me at all (or serves me only as well as Sunny and Kaps probably served each other). But those two sure did go at each other a fair bit.

And that's the difference with Shahid bhai. While Sunny bhai and Kapil praji went at each other , Shahid bhai only goes at Shahid bhai. The man is so self critical ! He probably calls himself Boo Boo Afridi. I bet if Afridi was bowling to Afridi , Afridi would give Afridi a massive, contemptuous charge down the track. And possibly hole out in the deep.

by Bhaskar Khaund

1 comment:

straight point said...

i like this idea of afridi vs afridi...

wonder what afridi the bowler has to has about afridi the batsman and vice versa...

i think they will dismiss each other with "he wasn't good enough..."