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But ShiteBhai, What Would Imran Khan Do?

by achettup

Well, Imran Khan appeared on twitter and laid the smackdown on ShiteBhai's ass:

Afridi should take on the captaincy challenge.Force himself to develop a defensive batting technique and bowl his fast leg breaks to contain

By running away from the leadership challenege Afridi would destabilise the team and do a huge injustice to is enormous God given talent

The responsibility of captaincy improved my batting From mid20s,my batting average went up to 50.To lead by example I had to develop defence
Well, Imran was always a dreamy idealist. Sometimes that can win you a world cup, sometimes that can mean trying in vain to turn around your country's fortunes over the last 15 years. Not that that is anything to be scorned at, one can only but salute the perseverance and determination of arguably the most respected Pakistani worldwide.

Its too late now. The entire world knows ShahidBhai is cricket's biggest captaining pussy since Kim Hughes [hah! see how I did that... well in keeping with Indian cricket bloggers attacking anything Australian or Pakistani right now!]

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