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Mumbai Indians Camp - The Night Before

by Gaurav Sethi

Bhajji gathers Sachin’s flock in his hotel room. It’s a small room, and MI is a big team, what with the support staff, Reliance flunkeys, the room is, as Ravi says walking past..."packed to the rafters"

Bhajji: OK guys, you know after Sachin Paaji, I’m the Boss here.

Whispers around, where one such whisper whispers –

Whisper: Haan, how else he would’ve hugged Ambani Mam…

Bhajji: Oye, kisko hugna hai…was that you, chal, yahaan baith..

(hugna means to take a crap, and Bhajji has identified the whisper boy and made him sit on the commode, it’s Rayudu)

Bhajji: Anyway, Rayudu you g**du your career is also down the toilet…haha

Silence in the room which is when Yuvi barges in laughing..

Yuvi: Oye! Hahaha good one Bhajji!

They do an impromptu Bhangra gig, nobody stirs in the room

Bhajji (to Yuvi): What you're doing here yaar?

Yuvi: Fashion show yaar

Bhajji continues with his speech…

Bhajji: OK guys, now we gotta settle it – before all youngsters…if you speak to press…you gotta say one thing…Thank You Sachin! It’s great to be playing with such a great player..and how Sachin has guided you…in the middle..helped with your best innings

MI Player: Bhajji sir, I’ve not done…batted…with er…Sachin middle

Bhajji: Haan, good point, in that case, who you all…have not all say..Sachin guided you in the nets…and now you are ready for the middle..

Everyone claps, Bhajji is pleased. He excused Rayudu from the loo

Bhajji: Oye kaka, get up, I need to take the piss…


Bhajji (continues all serious again): And after game, if we win then you say same thing, OK? And if we lose, and Sachin Paaji scores say whoever you are..who takes runs or scores wickets…you say yeah, if Sachin had batted longer we would’ve won the match… And if Sachin scores then you say, we should have done car rally…no, rallied around Sachin more and we would have won…

Ambani Mam walks into the room, hushed silence – she is beaming as always, but it’s hard to tell if she’s happy or not.

Bhajji: Hello Nita Mam, I was telling what you were telling to me..about Sachin and Thank You Sachin..

Ambani Mam: Very good, very good…Best of luck

She hugs Bhajji, who is overcome, sheds a tear

Boys: Thank you MAM! Thank you MAM!

Bhajji: and yeah, if you have a facebook account, then you go join this cool group called Thank You Sachin!


Keith said...

Ha ha ha. Nita Ambani is beaming as always but it's hard to tell if she's happy or not. Killer !

Sujan Rao said...

Thanks you Sachin!

Sujan Rao said...

err.. I meant *Thank you Sachin..