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Spearhead DAK (or , SpeeDAX) - 2

by Bhaskar Khaund

Second post in a series inspired by  ZAK who - rightfully as our spearhead - takes it upon himself to walk up  from his fielding position for a chat before every delivery to enthuse , energise and encourage whoever happens to be bowling. Our superhero protagonist in this series is Spearhead DAK , or SpeeDax  for short. For the first post in the series, go here

We come in when bowler YY is running in to bowl his next delivery. SpeeDAX is fielding at mid off.

Now , this is strange . For a change , SpeeDAX hasn't walked up to talk to the bowler before the delivery. It's quite evident that SpeeDAX has forgotten to. What happens now ?

This :

Just as YY is about to deliver , SpeeDAX runs like a crazy cheetah from his position and intercepts him bang at the bowling crease and prevents the delivery. You see , he has to say a few words first.

YY (shocked) : " Hey whaddaf....?""
SpeeDAX (nonchalant) :" OK , so keep it wicket-to-wicket , alright ?"

The umpire is not at all amused. He calls No Ball.

A dazed YY walks back to the top of his run up to start all over again.

SpeedDAX walks up to him from mid-off

SpeeDAX : ""No ball ? No probs , yaar. Come on , shabash , keep it up."

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